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Peter Hauspurg is the Chairman and CEO of Eastern Consolidated, a commercial real estate service firm with 80 brokers specializing in commercial property sales, retail property leasing and mortgage finance, primarily in the New York metropolitan and Tri-State areas. Mr. Hauspurg and his partner, President Daun Paris, founded the firm in 1981 and have been creating some of the most significant deals to dot the New York City skyline ever since.

Mr. Hauspurg’s innovative and visionary approach ...
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Brokers, Owners Change Sales Strategies to Meet Pent-Up Investor Demand for Limited Number of Large CRE Portfolios
A decade after the largest commercial real estate transaction on record, a torrent of global capital chasing a limited number of large real estate portfolios is fueling a shift in sales tactics following years of investment volumes skewed toward sales of single-property assets. 
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Tech-Driven Developments Picks Up Steam
Lack of reasonable priced housing has always been a headache for new Yorkers, and 2017 probably won’t bring much relief. However, some housing is being delivered in conjunction with various mixed-use projects, and two exciting technology-driven developments, underway in Brooklyn and Roosevelt Island, are sure to drive up more demand for residential space. 
Featured: Peter Hauspurg
Special Report: How Rate Hikes Will Affect CRE
The Fed’s move shouldn’t harm investors’ appetites for assets, but more buyers may start looking for deals with shorter-term leases and frequent resets. 
Featured: Peter Hauspurg
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