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Peter Hauspurg is the Chairman and CEO of Eastern Consolidated, a commercial real estate service firm with 100 brokers specializing in commercial property sales, retail property leasing and mortgage finance, primarily in the New York metropolitan and Tri-State areas. Mr. Hauspurg and his partner, President Daun Paris, founded the firm in 1981 and have been creating some of the most significant deals to dot the New York City skyline ever since.

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State of the Market Report: A Q&A with Eastern Consolidated's Peter Hauspurg

A full-service commercial real estate firm established in 1981, Eastern Consolidated offers real estate investors an integrated platform of investment sales, retail leasing, and capital advisory services. Among the company’s most recent transactions, Eastern Consolidated arranged the sale of a prime residential development assemblage for close to $100 million, and arranged the sale of four contiguous multifamily buildings on the Upper East Side for $52 million–demonstrating the firm’s knack for making impactful deals in one of the world’s most trend-setting cities. We spoke with Chairman and CEO Peter Hauspurg for a market overview of the current investment sales and retail leasing and financing environment.

NYC investment sales brokers say talk of a market peak is exaggerated, but concede investors are exercising more caution

For the March issue, The Real Deal  talked to investment sales executives including Eastern Consolidated Chairman and CEO Peter Hauspurg, who said that while investors and lenders are exercising more caution these days, the bubble theory is being overblown. 

2015 Forecast: Continued Market Strength

We expect the commercial market will continue to show strength in 2015 as we don’t really see any signs yet for concern. No one expects interest rates to move significantly next year as they did in the last three to four months with treasury prices increasing and yields decreasing.

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Slow but steady commercial sales have been dragged down by affordable housing regulations and an ongoing lack of trophy-building offerings.
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While activity is up - panelists comment - many are in a "wait-and-see" mood. The retail world is concerned over numerous brick & mortar closings. Retailers want to be in urban markets, but in smaller stores. 
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