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New 41-60 Main Street 41-60 Main Street Flushing, Queens, New York

Vibrant mixed-use office and retail building

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New 410-414 West 47th Street 410-414 West 47th Street New York, New York

Prime Hell’s Kitchen boutique condominium development site

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New Korea Village
150-24 Northern Boulevard
150-24 Northern Blvd Flushing, Queens, New York

Luxury “Class A” 3-story plus mezzanine retail mall

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New Borough Park Portfolio Borough Park Portfolio Brooklyn, New York

4 multi-family buildings in Borough Park, Brooklyn, New York

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New Cypress Hills Portfolio Cypress Hills-East NY Residential Portfolio Brooklyn, New York

4 ideally-located, fully-occupied multifamily buildings

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New 110 Greenwich Street 110 Greenwich Street New York, New York

14-story, 66,000 square foot residential loft conversion

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New 425-427 Seventh Avenue 425-427 Seventh Avenue New York, New York

Prime retail available between West 33rd and West 34th Street

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New 307 Spring Street 307 Spring Street New York, New York

SoHo restaurant available between Greenwich and Hudson Streets 

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New 744 Ninth Avenue 744 Ninth Avenue New York, New York

Turn-key restaurant space between 50th and 51st Streets

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New 117 Second Avenue 117 Second Avenue New York, New York

Fully operational and turn-key East Village restaurant

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New 44-58 East 8th Street 44-58 East 8th Street New York, New York

Greenwich Village retail stores in the heart of New York University

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New 377 Park Avenue South 377 Park Avenue South New York, New York

Park Avenue South turn-key restaurant available

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Ideas & Insights


125th Street: Harlem’s Catalyst for Growth

Ian Rudowski - Monday, January 13, 2014
An integral component of being a broker in New York City is observing and recognizing the transformation of a neighborhood. For instance SoHo, coined “Hell’s Hundred Acres” in the 60’s, is now the retail capital of the city fetching over $1000 per square foot for mixed-use property. Every revitalized neighborhood has a different story, but few have greater influence on the evolution of New York City as a whole than Harlem. 125th Street is a neighborhood that has led Lower Harlem in its charge towards prominence.

Anchored by the famous Apollo Theater, 125th street is a hotbed for new development and commercial investment. A wealth of projects have come to surface such as Columbia University’s new Manhattanville campus at 609 West 125th Street, the mixed-use Victoria Theater at 237 West 125th Street, and Whole Foods at 100 West 125th.  This will culminate in an additional one million square feet of commercial space for 125th Street. Multi-family values on 125th street and surrounding neighborhoods have averaged $300 per square foot. 

Demand for property in Lower Harlem is higher than any period in New York City history, and owners contemplating disposition would be wise to test the market. Eastern Consolidated is very active in the area, and consulting an Eastern broker can ultimately achieve the highest price for your asset. 

Ian M. Rudowski is an Associate Director at Eastern Consolidated specializing in the sale and acquisition of commercial property types with a special emphasis on multifamily properties in the boroughs.

ICSC New York National Conference, Booth #402

Adelaide Polsinelli - Monday, November 25, 2013

As Senior Director at Eastern Consolidated, I’ve been selling investment grade real estate since 1985. I also head Eastern’s Retail Sales Group. The Group was formed when it became obvious that the retail component of many deals was actually driving the values of the real estate. Additionally, retail condos were becoming more popular. Our Retail Sales Group brings this asset to the forefront.

Retail condos are the urban equivalent of triple net single tenant assets; your Walgreens in Minnetonka if you will. They are a safe place to park cash and make a great 1031 exchange vehicle AND they come in every shape and size. Not management intensive, it’s a versatile asset, great for a user who wants to be in control of their future. If the business doesn’t do well, they can always rent the store to someone else or sell it. It’s an asset and trades quickly, unlike a building and if the tenant doesn’t pay, it’s not the same legal hell as a residential unit is to vacate.
Often times, when an owner is trying to evaluate their building they look at the asset as one property. I look at it as two. I value the retail as if it could be condo-ed and then add a market cap rate to determine both values. Usually this is more than what the owner expected.  

The Sum of the Parts Equals More than the Whole
A residential investor usually values the apartments differently than the retail component. They will often pay a premium for the residential, but discount the retail for various reasons if they don’t fully understand or appreciate the nuances of today’s retail market. A retail investor may get the retail value but not the residential. In these cases, I try to formulate a strategy where I can marry two buyers as partners or sell the asset in parts.

Adelaide Polsinelli is Senior Director and head of Eastern Consolidated’s Retail Sales Group.  You can meet with Ms. Polsinelli and hear about Eastern’s many retail opportunities at the ICSC New York National Conference, December 9 – 10, at The Hilton New York, 1335 Avenue of the Americas, BOOTH #402.

Multifamily Today, Single Family Tomorrow

Chad Sinsheimer - Thursday, September 05, 2013

Developers are coming up with new and innovative ways to help meet the seemingly insatiable appetite for housing stock in New York City. I have been getting numerous requests from clients seeking existing multifamily homes that are vacant or can be delivered vacant in the not too distant future. With a little hard work and creativity these buildings can be readily converted into condos or single family residences. The potential to tap into New York City’s hottest real estate sector is driving prices for these types of buildings through the roof!

For example, I am exclusively marketing a building at 219 West 71st street that is currently configured as a five family townhouse. While the building is fully occupied, all of the tenants’ leases are free market and the building can be delivered vacant by October of 2014. In the first week on the market I had an offer of over $1000 per square foot on the building which is close to double what the building might fetch if it continued on as a multifamily. With single family homes in the area trading as much as $2500 per square foot it’s not hard to see why this building is so much more valuable vacant.

This trend is not just limited to the Upper West Side. With the shortage of development sites citywide, (potentially) vacant buildings that can be converted into residences are in high demand. If you are the owner of such a building contacting a broker to see what the building is worth could be in your best interest. The results may surprise you.

Chad Ian Sinsheimer is an Associate Director at Eastern Consolidated, specializing in the sales and acquisition of all commercial property types in Manhattan with a special emphasis on the Upper West Side and Harlem.

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